Pok Deng Rules

Pok Deng Rules

Pok Deng is played with a deck of 52 cards and supports up to 6 players. Players’ objective is to assemble the best hand ranks of two or three cards with the highest single digit to compete against the banker.

Banker Bid System

  1. Players can bid for banker. A new bidding round will begin when there are no designated banker in a new round. The option to bid for banker will only be available if the minimum capital amount requirement is met. Banker Minimum Capital:

(Room Bet Amount) * (No. of Players). Example => $10 * 5 = $50.

  1. The player is immediately removed as the banker at the end of a game round when he/she does not have the sufficient amount to support another round using Pok Deng Card.
  2. Players may bid between 10 Rounds, 5 Rounds or Skip.
  3. Bidding rules as below:

* Player who bid for higher rounds win the banker role.

** If tied, player with the highest capital takes the banker role.

Banker Additional Rules

  1. The designated banker may remain as the banker for the amount of rounds they bid and won. Between 5 rounds or 10 rounds.
  2. During the banker’s turn in a game, the banker may choose to reveal selected players’ hand to compare and make payouts. Then, the banker may draw a card and compare hand with the rest of the players’ hand. However if banker’s card score value falls under 0-3, he will draw a 3rd card without making any decision/comparison.
  3. Leaving the room will remove any banker status. If no players are available, banker will have to wait for players to enter.
  4. If banker leaves the room midway in a game session, game session continues as per normal without the banker making any action. Bidding phase will start in the next round.

(System will provide a 5 second countdown for banker to reconnect. If banker fails to reconnect. Banker will be removed from the session. Any profit / loss will be added or deducted from the banker’s account.)

Player Additional Rules

  1. Player(s) competes their hand against the banker only.
  2. Player(s) will be automatically removed if he/she does not have sufficient amount to bet. An amount will be set aside as insurance:

(Bet Room Max Bet Amount) * (Max Bet Multiplier). Example => $10 * 5 = $50.

  1. Player(s) will draw a 3rd card if card score value falls under 0-3. (If the player’s hand is 4-7, the player will be given the option to draw an additional card or stay in the same hand.).


  1. 3% of commission will be deducted from all winners.
  2. Commission will not be drawn if banker total winnings are below total losses

Hand Ranks

Hand ranks play a large role for winning in Pok Deng. Different hand ranks offer different payout multipliers.

Rules of comparison

  1. For rank 1 & rank 6: Tied if card score is same. Example: Pok 8 vs Pok 8(2x), Taem – 7 vs Taem(3x) – 7.
  2. If tied, bet amount is returned.
  3. For rank 2, 3, 4, 5 (Tong, Straight flush, Straight, SamLueng): If same rank, compare the highest card rank (number), if the highest card rank is same, will compare card suit.