National Education Association

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I read a survey that found nearly half of all Americans think Socialism to be just as good as Capitalism. There’s a direct correlation at the outcome of the survey to era. The old one is in America that the more inclined to prefer Free Enterprise–Capitalism. Why could this be? There are issues in schooling. It’s to do with the goals of the in-charge of our Public School System. This report will explore a few of those goals. John Dewey, also a Communist a signer of the Humanist Manifesto, and a leader of a teachers union.

This statement called to develop into the religion of America as a substitute for those fables of all Christianity, which it predicts insignificant powerless, and more backwards. It states there is no God; rejects the supernatural science; and says that churches and worship should be eliminated. Capitalism; favours Communism แทงมวย is opposed by humanism. They signify support personnel in these associations and university faculty, as well as public school educators. These would be the folks entrusted with casting the children’s minds. The NEA claims to become non-partisan however –in keeping their heart tenet of this relativism of fact –which isn’t correct. The teacher’s marriage always backs up ideology for example, same-sex union.

The NEA hasn’t endorsed a candidate for president. Their donations to political campaigns will be virtually exclusively to Democrats. The NEA plans to alter the public view of homosexuality throughout the indoctrination of the kids that isn’t the norm equivalency. Along with that has come the feminization of boys, exemplified by advocating Ritalin for kids who behave like boys that are real. Boys are in trouble due to this social engineering that is horrifying. Girls these days are likely to pursue a pro career. The teacher’s marriage favours behaviour that is female needs to make boys and boys endure a disconnect in themselves. What’s Social Justice?